Royal Christmas Trees
Hall of Fame Client's Comments and Photos  2016
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Royal Victorian Crystal Christmas Tree (6ft Slim Tree)
Diane Sperow of Walnut Creek is a shining example of how a Royal Christmas Tree may be used over and over for years to come without losing its freshness and appeal.

In 2016 Diane made a few adjustments to the tree that was originally designed in 2014.
She had her white peacocks moved to the top of the tree, had the gold voile draped in such a way that it looks as though the birds are sitting on the edge of a nest. That was a major transformation. With the icicle branches sticking out at the top, a whole new top has been created using the original decorations. 

Diane used her favorite peacock, "White Diamond", (her nickname for the white peacock with the tail feathers spread)  as a centerpiece on a breakfront side table to complete the Christmas decor for the dining room.

The tree had all the original large diamond cut, clear British oval crystal decorations hanging on it, that complimented "White Diamond" peacock over on the buffet table.

The Victorian Theme was recreated with a new topper application and looked brand new again. Genius!

The guests experienced a sumptious menu, amid a beautifully set table, while relaxing in the warm, inviting, Christmas ambiance that Diane created for them.

Once again we are delighted that Diane chose a Royal Christmas Tree to grace her home at this special time of year. Her favorite time of year!

Happy New Year Lady Di...and many many more.


Royal Victorian Christmas Tree Topper
Royal Victorian Christmas Tree Top
Royal Victorian Crystal Christmas Tree

Take a Look Back at Diane's Tree in 2014