J. Pekala of Washington D.C. ordered several custom trees and wreaths for  the Senior Living Facility of which he is the Managing Director.. John was "amazed" (his word) at our work and impressed with the time in which everything was created and delivered as promised.  The themes of the trees were the Royal HolyLand Christmas Tree, The Royal Victorian Christmas Tree in Blue and the Royal Traditional Christmas Tree. There were also Royal Traditional Christmas Wreaths and Royal Victorian Wreaths in Pink 

Thanks again to John and his wonderful Vice President Eileen  for placing the orders early and ensuring that the creativity had lots of time to flow. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014!
Royal HolyLand Christmas Tree
Royal HolyLand Christmas Tree, 6ft.
Royal Traditional Chrismts Tree 6ft
Exotic bejeweled peacock at bottom of tree
Royal Traditional Christmas Tree 6ft
Bird in a nest atop the lantern
Reindeer pulling Santa's Sleigh on back of tree
Ancient Santa
Side of Tree
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Royal Traditional Christmas Tree, 6ft
Royal Victorian Christmas Tree Top front
Victorian Doll and icicles, some of the ornaments on Victorian theme tree
Victorian Cameo and Church ornaments
Swan Lake on the Royal Victorian
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Royal Victorian Christmas Tree in Blue, 6ft.
Royal Victorian Wreaths in Pink for the French Doors
Royal Traditionl Christmas tree
Royal Traditional Christmas Wreaths for the Entry Doors
Royal Princess Christmas Tree 6ft
J. Ponikvar of Craig, Colorado ordered this 6ft Royal Princess Christmas Tree. As a businessman Mr. Ponikvar was a great pleasure to work with. He has displayed his tree he says at the court house of the town in which he resides.. We hope to get some more feedback soon..

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Christian Community Church of God in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was the recipient of God's Glory when it came to more than a few decorations being bestowed upon them this year along with an experienced designer!  We hope to bless them some more in 2014. The Pastor called to thank me personally and Bless me.  Thank God for enabling me to bring joy to others in this way. To God be the Glory! I am just His tool.

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