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Princess Centerpiece Design List
  Princess Centerpieces
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Planning a party for your Princess? Maybe it is a fairytale Wedding for a grownup Princess and Prince who want a Fantasy Wedding to remember forever.... take a look at our Princess Themed Centerpieces. Each is a handcrafted design representing scenes from the fairytale storybooks in a most spectacular fashion. They are guaranteed to bring your event to life and make it unforgettable. These are unique centerpieces that are designed by Decorate Your Events, a division of Royal Gift Basket Corp.

You may also purchase our exclusive book entitled "How To Create Your Own Beautiful Princess Theme Centerpieces", available in Ebook, Hardcover or Paperback  book. It consists of 28 full color highly themed Princess Centerpieces. YOU MAY USE THE BOOK TO make your own centerpiece or CHOOSE WHICH DESIGNS TO ORDER FROM US.  You may also contact us by email to tell us your color choices for the flowers as well as specify if you want any particular type of flowers in your custom designed centerpiece. 

How To Create Your Own Beautiful Princess Theme Centerpieces

In this full color book available in Paperback, and Ebook, you will find 28 full color pictures of handcrafted Fairytale Princess Centerpieces, a price list and order details if you want to custom order the centerpieces, as well as complete details on how to create your own princess theme centerpieces based on the designs that we provide for each Fairytale centerpiece. The book includes the list of supplies and materials and the source list where the items necessary can be acquired including the characters, princesses and other details that appear in the centerpiece. You see, you will save a lot of money making the centerpieces yourself.

"How to Create Your Own Beautiful Princess Theme Centerpieces" Includes:

  • 28 full color Pictures of Fairytale Princess Centerpieces

  • Tutorial on preparation for making the centerpiece

  • Complete detailed instruction on centerpiece design and creation

  • Source list of where to acquire the key items necessary to make the themed centerpiece

  • Price List

YOU MAY ORDER THE CENTERPIECES from us based on the designs you see in the book or you may suggest your own design for us to create for you as a custom design.

WE LOOK FORWARD TO BRINGING YOUR EVENT TO LIFE. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Aladdin Cave of Wonders (1 Available)
Snow White and the Evil Queen 
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Sold)
Beauty and the Beast 
Beauty and Gaston 
Beauty and the Household Characters 
Cinderella and the Prince 
Cinderella Coach
Crystal Cinderella Pumpkin Coach
Cinderella Pumpkin Coach 
Mickey and Minnie
Princess Jasmine (1 Available)
Princess Tiana (1 Available)
Tinkerbell and Peter Pan and Captain Hook 
Tinkerbell in Her Forest Hideaway 
The Seven Dwarfs (SOLD)
The Little Mermaid 
The Little Mermaid Carriage 
The Little Mermaid Wedding 
Royal Wedding Centerpiece 
Royal Wedding Chapel Centerpiece 
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